1. CURRICULUM course for museum workers

The partners will develop a curriculum for museum workers, so they can acquire basic and technical skills in a national sign language and International Sign, basic knowledge about Deaf culture and communication approaches to be used with Deaf visitors. 

The content of the curriculum will be based on a context analysis carried out in the partner countries aimed at understanding the skills gaps of museum workers in terms of interaction with Deaf people. 

Based on the curriculum and the involvement of Deaf artists, and the support of Deaf and hearing trainers, a training method for 15 museum workers in six countries will be delivered.

2. E-learning platform

A multilingual platform including video-dictionaries containing signs related to art and culture and learning materials for museum workers. This platform will be developed as part of the curriculum.

3. Open Educational Resources

We will develop innovative educational resources, supported by the video-dictionaries (which will include cultural and artistic signs in six national sign languages and International Sign) and learning materials to acquire basic sign language competences and communication skills which can be used with Deaf people.

4. Final national event

A workshop, as last activity in this project, to be held in six countries. This workshop aims to present the project outcomes to a wide audience including museum workers, institutions, Deaf community, Deaf artists, trainers, VET providers and project stakeholders.

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